The French Report

All la Mode de France

Melody - "All la Mode de France"

from Rump Songs, 1662

Me have of late been in England, vhere me have seen much sport,
De raising of de Parliament, have quite pull'd down the court,
De King and Queen dey separate and rule in Ignorance,
Pray judge ye Gentlemen, if dis be a la mode de France.

2. A wise man dere is like a Ship dat strikes upon de shelves,
Dey Prison all, Behead and Whip all viser den demselves,
Dey send out men to fetch deyr King, who may come home perchance,
Oh fye, fye, fye, itis be Gar not a la mode de France.

3. Dey raise deyr Valiant Prentices, to guard deyr Cause with Clubs,
Dey root deyr Bishops out of doors, and presh demselves in Tubs,
De cobbler and de Tinker too, dey will in time advance,
Pox take dem all, it is (Mort Dieu) not a la mode de France.

4. Instead of bowing to deyr King, dey vex him with Epistles,
Dey furnish all deyr Souldiers out with Bodkins, Spoons, and Whistles,
Dey bring deyr Gold and Silver in, de Brownists to advance,
But if dey be cheat of it all, 'tiz a la mode de France.

5. But if when all deyr wealth is gone, dey turn unto deyr King,
Dey will make all amends again, den merrily we will sing,
VIVE LE ROY, VIVE LE ROY, vee'le Sing, Carouse and Dance,
De Englishmen have done fort Bon, and a la mode de France.