The Hitchin May Day Song

Melody -

Traditional ballad from county Herts

Remember us poor Mayers all!
And thus do we begin
To lead our lives in righteousness,
Or else we die in sin.

2. We have been rambling all the night,
And almost all the day;
And now returned back again,
We have brought you a branch of May.

3. A branch of May we have brought you,
And at your door it stands;
It is but a sprout,
But it's well budded out
By the work of our Lord's hand.

4. The hedges and trees they are so green,
As green as any leek;
Our heavenly Father he watered them
With his heavenly dew so sweet.

5. The heavenly gates are open wide,
Our paths are beaten plain;
And if a man be not too far gone,
He may return again.

6. The life of man is but a span,
It flourishes like a flower;
We are here to-day, and gone to-morrow,
And we are dead in an hour.

7. The moon shines bright, and the stars give a light,
A little before it is day;
So God bless you all, both great and small,
And send you a joyful May!


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