Seeds of Love

Melody - seq. by Ron Clarke

From Southern England

I sowed the seeds of love
And I sowed them in the spring
In April, May and June likewise
|: When the small birds do sweetly sing. :|

2. My garden was planted well
With flowers everywhere
But I had not the liberty to choose for myself
|: The flower I loved so dear. :|

3. The gardener he stood by
And I asked him to choose for me
He chose me the violet, the lily and the pink
|: But I refused all three. :|

4. The violet I forsook
Because it fades so soon
The pink and the lily I did overlook
|: And I vowed I'd stop till June. :|

5. For in June there's a red rosebud
And that's the flower for me
And often I plucked at the red rose bush
|: Till I gained the willow tree. :|

6. The gardener he stood by
And told me to take great care
For into the middle of the red rose bush
|: There grows a sharp thorn there. :|

7. I told him I'd take no care
Till I had felt the smart
And I oftentimes plucked at the red rose bush
|: Till it pierced me to the heart. :|

8. A posy of hyssop I'll make
No other flower I'll touch
That all the world may plainly see
|: I loved one flower too much. :|

Key to flowers and their meaning:
Violet = modesty
Lily = purity
Pink = courtesy
Red rose = passion
Willow = unhappy love
Hyssop = humility

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