Lustily, Lustily

Melody -

From a 1576 Comedy "Common Conditions"

All things we have ready and nothing we want
To furnish our hsip that rideth hereby.
Victuals and weapons they be nothing scant;
Like worthy mariners ourselves we will try.

2. Her flags be new trimmed, set slanting aloft.
Our ship for swift swimming, oh she doth excel.
We fear no enemies, we have escaped them oft;
Of all things that swimmeth she beareth the bell.

3. And here is a master excelleth in skill,
And our master's mate he is not to seek;
And here is a boatswain will do his good will,
And here is a ship boy we never had his like.

4. If fortune then fail not, and our next voyage prove,
We will return merrily and make good cheer;
And hold all together as friends linked in love,
The cans shall be filled with wine, ale and beer.


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