The State's New Coin

Melody -

Cavalier Ballad

Saw you the State's money new come from the Mint?
Some people do say it is wonderous fine;
And that you may read a great mystery in't,
Of mighty King Nol, the lord of the coin.

2. They have quite omitted his politic head,
His worshipful face, and his excellent nose;
But the better to show the life he had led,
They have fix'd upon it the print of his hose.

3. For, if they had set up his picture there,
They needs must ha' crown'd him in Charles's stead;
But 'twas cunningly done, that they did forbear,
And rather would set up aught else than his head.

4. 'Tis monstrous strange, and yet it is true,
In this reformation we should have such luck;
That crosses were always disdain'd by you,
Who before pull'd them down, should now set them up.

5. On this side they have circumscribed "God with us,"
And in this stamp and coin they confide;
Commonwealth on the other, by which we may guess
That God and the States were not both of a side.

6. On this side they have cross and harp,
And only a cross on the other set forth;
By which we may learn, it falls to our part
Two crosses to have for one fit of mirth!

The coinage issued during the Protectorate of Cromwell, consisted of pieces having on the obverse side a shield with St George's cross, encircled by a laurel and palm branch, and the words, "The Commonwealth of England." On the reverse side was the legend, "God with us," and two shields, bearing the arms of England and Ireland.


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