Somersetshire Hunting Song

Melody -

Traditional ballad from Somersetshire

There's no pleasures can compare
Wi' the hunting o' the hare,
In the morning, in the morning,
In fine and pleasant weather.
With our hosses and our hounds,
We will scamps it o'er the grounds,
|: And sing traro, huzza! :|
And sing traro, brave boys, we will foller.
2. And when poor puss arise,
Then away from us she flies;
And we'll gives her, boys, we'll gives her,
One thundering and loud holler!

3. And when poor puss is killed,
We'll retires from the field;
And we'll count boys, and we'll count
On the same good ren to-morrer.

This song is given as a curious specimen of the dialect still spoken in some parts of that county. Though the song is a genuine peasant's ditty, it is heard in other circles, and frequently roared out at hunting dinners.


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