Prayer for the Lord's Promised Presence

Melody -

John Newton, 1779, from Olney Hymns, vol. 1, hymn 76

Son of God! thy people's shield!
Must we still thine absence mourn?
Let thy promise be fulfilled,
Thou hast said, I will return!

2. Gracious Leader now appear,
Shine upon us with thy light!
Like the spring, when thou art near,
Days and suns are doubly bright.

3. As a mother counts the days
Till her absent son she see;
Longs and watches, weeps and prays,
So our spirits long for thee.

4. Come, and let us feel thee nigh,
Then thy sheep shall feed in peace;
Plenty bless us from on high,
Evil from amongst us cease.

5. With thy love, and voice, and aid,
Thou canst every care assuage;
Then we shall not be afraid,
Though the world and Satan rage.

6. Thus each day for thee we'll spend,
While our callings we pursue;
And the thoughts of such a friend
Shall each night our joy renew.

7. Let thy light be ne'er withdrawn,
Golden days afford us long!
Thus we pray at early dawn,
This shall be our evening song.


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