Sulva Bay (WWI)

Suda Bay (WWII)

Melody -

from WWI, this version adapted in WWII

In an old Australian homestead
With the roses round the door,
A girl received a letter,
Just newly from the war.
With her mother's arms around her
She gave way to sobs and sighs
For when she read that letter,
The tears came to her eyes.
Chorus: Why do I weep? Why do I sigh?
My love's asleep so far away.
He played his part that August day
And left my heart in Suda Bay.
2. She joined a band of nurses
Beneath the cross of red
And swore to do her duty
To the soldier who lay dead.
Many soldiers came to woo her
But were sadly turned away
As to them she told the story
Of the grave at Suda Bay.

The WWI version, Sulva Bay, refers to the Bay that was in the infamous Gallipoli Campaign (1915). In WWII, there was a fierce fight at Suda Bay, which was near the Isle of Crete - famous for the first mass use of paratroopers to seize an objective.

Banned in England during the War as being treasonous.

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