Glory Be to God the Father

Melody - "Worcester", Walter G. Whinfield, c. 1919; Seq. by Richard Jordan

Horatius Bonar, 1866

Glory be to God the Father,
Glory be to God the Son,
Glory be to God the Spirit:
Great Jehovah, Three in One!
Glory, glory,
While eternal ages run!

2.Glory be to Him who loved us,
Washed us from each spot and stain;
Glory be to Him who bought us,
Made us kings with Him to reign!
Glory, glory,
To the Lamb that once was slain!

3. Glory to the King of angels,
Glory to the Church's King,
Glory to the King of nations;
Heaven and earth, your praises bring!
Glory, glory,
To the King of Glory sing!

4. Glory, blessing, praise eternal!
Thus the choir of angels sings;
Honor, riches, power, dominion!
Thus its praise creation brings.
Glory, glory,
Glory to the King of kings!


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