Nancy Whiskey

Melody - Seq. by Pat Van Horn
Melody - Seq. by Barry Taylor (does not quite fit these lyrics)

I am a weaver, a Carlton weaver.
I am a brash and a roving blade.
I will wander where I wish to.
I will follow a roving trade.
Whiskey, whiskey,
Nancy Whiskey.
Whiskey, whiskey,
Nancy O.

2. As I walked out into Glasgow city,
Nancy Whiskey I chanced to smell.
I walked in and sat down beside her.
Seven long years, O I loved her well.

3. The more I kissed her, the more I loved her.
The more I kissed her, the more she smiled.
I forgot my mother's teachings.
Nancy soon had me beguiled.

4. I'm going back to the Carlton weaving.
I'll really make those shuttles fly.
I'll make more at the Carlton weaving
Than ever I did in the roving trade.

5. So come all ye weavers, ye Carlton weavers,
Weavers wher'er ye be.
Beware of whiskey, Nancy Whiskey.
She'll ruin you like she blinded me.

From the 1965 album "Early Morning Rain" by the Canadian duo Ian and Sylvia (Ian Tyson and Sylvia Fricker). They list it as "traditional," and attribute their version to Logan English and Monte Dunn. No dates are given, but sometime after the Industrial Revolution and advent of the mills would probably be a safe bet. - With thanks to Pat Van Horn.

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