Toast to Virginia

Melody - "Red, white and blue"

A toast to Virginia, God bless her!
The mother of heroes and States!
Confusion to him who'd oppress her,
And death to the tyrant that hates!
May honor and glory attend her,
And victory come when she calls
Till every armed foe shall surrender,
And peace reign again in her halls!
2. And here's to George Washington!--standing;
Though cold at Mount Vernon his clay,
His Spirit, her armies commanding,
Still lives in Virginia to-day;
'Tis the breath of the brave Old Dominion;
The soul that will never depart;
It breathes in each noble Virginian,
And burns in each true Southern heart!
3. Then, brothers fill high with emotion!
Our days may be many or few;
Still pledge we a life-long devotion
To principles honest and true!
What-ever our fortunes may be men,
This toast let us cherish each one:
To Virginia, the mother of freemen;
And Washington, Liberty's son!

From Civil War Song Sheets, Series 2, Volume 1

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