At the Foot of Yonder Mountain

Melody -

At the foot of yonder mountain
There runs a clear stream,
At the foot of yonder mountain
There lives a fair queen;
She's handsome, she's proper,
And her ways are complete.
I ask no better pastime
Than to be with my sweet.

2. But why she won't have me
I well understand;
She wants some freeholder
And l have no land.
I cannot maintain her
On silver and gold,
And all the other fine things
That my love's house should hold.

3. Oh I wish I were a penman
And could write a fine hand!
I would write my love a letter
From this distant land.
I'd send it by the waters
Just for to let her know
That I think of pretty Mary
Wherever I go.

4. Oh I wish I were a bird
And had wings and could fly,
It's to my love's dwelling
This night I'd draw nigh.
I'd sit in her window
All night long and cry
That for love of pretty Mary
I gladly would die.


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