Babylon is Fallen

Melody -

Henry Clay Work

Don't you see the black clouds
Risin' ober yonder
Where de Massa's old plantation am?
Neber you be frightened
Dem is only darkies
Come to jine and fight for Uncle Sam.
Look out dar, now
We's a-gwine to shoot!
Look out dar, don't you understand?
(Oh, don't you know dat)
|: Babylon is fallen :|
And we's a-gwine to occupy de land.

2. Don't you see the lightnin'
Flashin' in the canebrake
Like as if we's gwine to hab a storm?
No! You is mistaken
'Tis de darkies' bay'nets
An' de buttons on dar uniform.

3. Way up in de cornfield
Where you hear de tunder
Dat is our ole forty-pounder gun;
When de shells are missin'
Den we load wid pumpkins
All de same to make de cowards run.

4. Massa was de Kernel
In de Rebel army,
Eber sence he went an' run away;
But his lubly darkies
Dey has been a-watchin'
An' dey take him pris'ner tudder day.

5. We will be the Massa
He will be de servant
Try him how he like it for a spell;
So we crack de Butt'nuts
So we take de Kernel
So de cannon carry back de shell.


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