The Banner of Labor

Melody - "The Star Spangled Banner"

Oh, say can you hear,
Coming near and more near,
The call now resounding:
Come all ye who labor?
The Industrial band,
Throughout all the land
Bid toilers, remember
Each toiler his neighbor.
Come, workers, unite!
'Tis Humanity's fight.
We call, you come forth
In your manhood and might.
And the Banner of Labor
Will surely soon wave
O'er the land that is free
From the master and slave.
2. The blood and the lives
Of children and wives
Are ground into dollars
For parasites' pleasure;
The children now slave,
Till they sink in their grave
That robbers may fatten
And add to their treasure.
Will you idly sit by,
Unheeding their cry?
Arise! Be ye men!
See, the battle draws nigh!

3. Long, long has the spoil
Of labor and toil
Been wrung from the workers
By parasite classes;
While Poverty gaunt,
Desolation and Want
Have dwelt in the bowels
Of earth's toiling masses.
Through bloodshed and tears,
Our day star appears,
Industrial Union,
The wage slave now cheers.


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