General Johnston

Melody - "American Star"

Behold the brave son
Of the good "Old Dominion,"
The glorious Johnston,
The bold and the free,
Now fighting for freedom,
Now battling with tyrants,
The Yankees for niggers,
But Johnson for me.

2. He raced them from Bull Run
To Washington City,
A horde of old villians
And vandals to boot,
He chased the vile varmint
Far over rail fences,
No rest is now left
For the sole of their foot.

3. Here's a health to the fine
Old brave Mississippians,
Likewise to the band
Of old Maryland Boys,
Who faced the vile horde
With the point of the bayonet,
And cut them to pieces
Without any noise.

4. The wretched old creatures
That brought on this bloodshed,
At Johnson's brave eye
Will creep into their holes,
They caused this rash war,
But they keep away from it,
Horace Greeley and Beecher
And other black souls.

5. Huzza! for dear Johnston,
The pride of all freemen,
The strength of the needy,
The friend of the right,
When long-legged Yankees
Invade our Dominion,
Brave Johnston will meet them
And teach them to fight.

From Civil War Song Sheets, Series 2, Volume 1.

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