A. F. of L. Sympathy

Melody - "All I Got Was Sympathy"

B. L. Weber

Bill Brown was a worker in a great big shop,
Where there worked two thousand others;
They all belonged to the A.F. of L.,
And they called each other "brothers."
One day Bill Brown's union went out on strike,
And they went out for higher pay;
All the other crafts remained on the job,
And Bill Brown did sadly say:
All we got was sympathy;
So we were bound to lose, you see;
All the others had craft autonomy,
Or else they would have struck with glee,
But I got good and hungry,
And no craft unions go for me.
Gee! Ain't it hell, in the A. F. of L.
All you get is sympathy.
2. Bill Brown was a thinker, and he was not a fool,
And fools there are many, we know.
So he decided the A.F. of L.
And its craft divisions must go.
Industrial Unions are just the thing,
Where the workers can all join the fight;
So now on the soap box boldly he stands,
A singing with all of his might:


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