Clap Your Hands Till Daddy Comes Home

Melody -

I'm a darkey from the country, Oh!
I came to see the Baby Show,
At Barnum's Museum I did see,
The Babies on their mamma's knee.
The biggest Babe I ever saw,
Was a babe that came from Arkansas,
As fat and as black as a Thomas cat,
A crying for his daddy, oh!
|: Clap your hands
Till daddy comes home, :|
Hegeldy, Ogeldy, my black hen,
She lays eggs for gentlemen.
2. This baby had a daddy, Oh?
It's a fact, I would'nt told you so,
With calico eyes and gimblet hair,
Enough to make his daddy stare,
And then he took it on his knee,
And says, "You little duck I see,
I really think you look like me,
At least your mammy told me so.

3. This baby's daddy went to sea,
And left him on his mammy's knee,
He fought in the wars of Mexico,
To buy the baby a trumpet, oh!
And then she took it on her knee,
By the single double rule of three,
She gave it some pady garic, oh!
And sent it up to glory, oh!

From Civil War Song Sheets, Series 1, Volume 1.

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