Jackson's Victory

Melody -

Come, all you brave Americans, don't let us disagree,
Come, listen to my story, and plainly you shall see;
We are the brave Americans, that never fear'd the foe,
Brought on by General Jackson, you very well do know.
So cheer up my lively lads, and never have it said,
That the free sons of America were ever yet afraid.

2. 'Twas on the tenth of October, the morning being clear,
We espied a famous army of British Grenadiers;
At one o'clock we fired a shot, and they return'd the same,
Fight on, my boys, says Jackson, for now begins the game.

3. At one o'clock, my brave boys, the battle did begin,
And in two hours after, the battle we did win;
'Twas with our glit'ring broad-swords, we cut & slash'd the foe,
While Jackson, he commanded, and bid us where to go.

4. The plains they were all cover'd with the wounded and slain,
Three hundred of their best men lay dead upon the plain;
The rest run to the mountains as fast as they could fly;
Cheer up my brave Americans, we've gain'd the victory.

5. Here's a health to General Jackson, also, to all his men,
To soldiers and officers, who did so bravely stand;
To officers and soldiers, who caus'd the foe to flee,
It's our delight, brave boys, to fight for Jackson and liberty.

6. Come, all you brave Americans, the wars are now all o'er,
We've fought and gain'd our liberty as many have before;
With a glass of brandy in our hands, as you may plainly see,
We'll show the British Grenadiers that Uncle Sam is free.

From American Song Sheets, Series 1, Volume 10.