Come On, Brave Boys

Melody -

Unknown, New York, 1734

Come on, brave boys, let us be brave,
For liberty and law,
Boldly despite the haughty knave
That would keep us in awe.
Let's scorn the tools bought by a sop,
And every crying fool,
The man who basely bend's a fop,
A vile, insipid tool.

2. Our country's rights we will defend,
Like brave and honest men;
We voted right and there's an end,
And so we'll do again.
We vote all signers out of place,
As men who did amiss,
Who sold us by a false address,
I'm sure we're right in this.

3. Exchequer courts, as void by law,
Great grievances we call;
Though great men do assert no flaw
Is in them, they shall fall,
And be contemned by every man
That's fond of liberty;
Let them withhold it all they an,
Our Laws we will stand by.

4. Though pettyfogging knaves deny us
Rights of Englishmen,
We'll make the scoundrel rascals fly,
And ne'er return again.
Our judges they would chop and change
For those that serve their turn,
And will not surely think it strange
If they for this should mourn.

5. Come fill a bumper, fill it up,
Unto our Aldermen;
For Common-Council fill the cup,
And take it o'er again.
While they with us resolve to stand
For liberty and law,
We'll drink their healths with hat in hand
Whoraa! Whoraa! Whoraa!

A grand jury concluded that it was "highly defaming the present Administration of His Majesty's Government in this Province [New York], tending greatly to inflame the minds of His Majesty's good Subjects, and to disturb and destroy that Peace and Tranquility which aught to subsist and be maintained in this Colony and in all other well-governed Communities." Since no author or publisher could be discovered, the grand jury ordered the songs to be burned in public.

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