Come Raise Me in Your Arms, Dear Brother

Melody -

E. Bowers and P. B. Isaacs

Come raise me in your arms, dear brother,
And let me see that glorious sun,
For I am weary, faint, and dying,
How could that battle lost or won.

2. I remember you, my brother,
Sent to me that fatal dart;
Brothers fighting against brothers,
Well, 'tis well that thus they part.

3. Father fighting for the Union,
You will meet him on the field;
How could you raise your hand to smite him,
How could you bid our father yield?

4. He who loved us in our childhood,
Taught us infant prayers we said;
Brother, I am surely dying,
Shall soon be numbered with the dead.

5. Do you ever think of mother
In that home far in the land?
Watching, praying for her children,
If I could see that home again!

6. Write a letter to my mother,
Send it when her boy is dead;
That he perished by his brother,
Not one word of that be said.

7. Brother, take from me a warning,
Keep that secret you have won,
For it would kill our aged old mother
If she knew what you have done.


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