The Congress

Melody - "Nancy Dawson"


Ye Tories all rejoice and sing
Success to George our gracious King,
The faithful subjects tribute bring
And execrate the Congress.
These hardy knaves and stupid fools,
Some apish and pragmatic mules,
Some servile acquiescing tools,
These, these compose the Congress.

2. Then Jove resolved to send a curse,
And all the woes of life rehearse
Not plague, not famine, but much worse
He cursed us with a Congress.
Then peace forsook this hopeless shore
Then cannons blazed with horrid roar
We hear of blood, death, wounds and gore,
The offspring of the Congress.

3. With poverty and dire distress
With standing armies us oppress,
Whole troops to Pluto swiftly press;
As victims of the Congress.
Time-serving priests to zealots preach,
Who King and Parliament impeach;
Seditious lessons to us teach
At the command of Congress.

4. Prepare, prepare, my friends prepare
For scenes of blood, the field of war;
To royal standard we'll repair,
And curse the haughty Congress.
Huzza! Huzza! and thrice Huzza!
Return peace, harmony and law!
Restore such times as once we saw
And bid adieu to Congress.


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