We Conquer or Die

Melody - James Pierpont

James Pierpont

The war drum is beating, prepare for the fight,
The stern bigot Northman exults in his might.
Gird on your bright weapons your foemen are nigh,
|: And this be our watchword, "We conquer or die!" :|

2. The trumpet is sounding from mountain to shore,
Your swords and your lances must slumber no more,
Fling forth to the sunlight your banner on high,
|: Inscribed with the watchword: "We conquer or die!" :|

3. March on to the battlefield, there to do or dare,
With shoulder to shoulder all danger to share,
And let your proud watchword ring up to the sky,
|: Till the blue arch re-echoes, "We conquer or die!" :|

4. Press forward undaunted, nor think of retreat,
The enemy's host on the the threshold to meet,
Strike firm, till the foeman before you shall fly,
|: Appalled by the watchword, "We conquer or die!" :|

5. Go forth in the pathway our forefathers trod,
We too fight for Freedom, our Captain is God,
Their blood in our veins, with their honors we vie,
|: Their's too, was the watchword, "We conquer or die!" :|

6. We strike for the South - Mountain, Valley, and Plain,
For the South we will conquer, again and again;
Her day of salvation and triumph is nigh,
|: Our's then be the watchword, "We conquer or die!" :|


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