Dolcy Jones

Melody - Stephen Foster, 1849

Stephen Foster, 1849

Oh! ladies don't you wonder
When I again appear:
I've just been ober yonder
To see my Dolcy dear;
For Dolcy steps so lightly
Among de bricks and stone,
Her eyes dey shine so brightly
Oh! dadda, D' D' Dolcy Jones!
Bye, bye my darling!
Sleep to de rattle ob de bones!
Slumber till morning,
My lubbly Dolcy Jones!
2. Oh! when I go a courting
I ride thr'o mud and rain:
I leabe de old hoss snorting
At de corner ob de lane.
I find my Dolcy weeping,
And charm her wid de bones,
Bye'n bye I leabe her sleeping,
Oh! dadda, D' D' Dolcy Jones!

3. I went up town dis morning
To sing a little song;
Miss Dolcy send me warning
To bring my boots along;
For de yard is paved wid cinder,
And de house is built ob stones
And a head is at de window,
Oh! dadda, D' D' Dolcy Jones!


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