Come Join Theme Big Union, Do

Melody - "My Hula Hula Love"

Richard Brazier

Down in Lawrence, Massachusetts,
Where we held the Woolen Trust at bay
And won a shorter day,
And a big increase in pay;
Where the workers showed the shirkers
Just what they could do.
In Little Falls, too, they won the day.
Workers, oh workers,
Let's show this gang of shirkers
What we can do with One Union true.
For you our Union is fighting,
For you your wrongs we're righting;
Come join the One Big Union, do.
2. Down in Louisiana,
Where the fighting lumberjacks do dwell,
Their labor power sell,
In Kirby's peon hell;
Where the masters met disaster,
When they met these workingmen who knew
That One Big Union true, could win the fray.

3. The women in the sweatshops,
And the children working in the mills;
The stockyard's man who kills,
The miner in the hills;
Must stick together, in all weather;
In One Big Union they must fight
Against the master's might, they must unite.


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