Everybody's Joining It

Melody - "Everybody's Doin' It"

Joe Hill

Fellow workers, can't you hear,
There is something in the air.
Everywhere you walk, everybody talk
'Bout the I.W.W.
They have got a way to strike
That the master doesn't like--
Everybody stick, that's the only trick,
All are joining it now.
|: Everybody's joining it!
Joining what? Joining it! :|
One Big Union;
That's the workers' choice,
One Big Union;
That's the only noise,
One Big Union;
Shout with all your voice;
Make a noise, make a noise,
Make a noise, boys,
|: Everybody's joining it!
Joining what? Joining it! :|
Joining in this union grand,
Boys and girls in every land;
All the workers hand in hand--
Everybody's joining it now.
2. Th' Boss is feeling mighty blue,
He don't know just what to do.
We have got his goat, got him by the throat,
Soon he'll work or go starving.
Join I.W.W.,
Don't let bosses trouble you,
Come and join with us--everybody does--
You've got nothing to lose.

3. Will the One Big Union grow?
Mister Bonehead wants to know
. Well! What do you think, of that funny gink
Asking such foolish questions?
Will it grow ? Well! Look a here,
Brand new unions everywhere,
Better take a hunch, join the fighting bunch,
Fight for Freedom and Right.


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