General Forrest, A Confederate

Melody -

The day of our destiny was darkened,
The heart of the nation stood still,
When Forts Henry and Donelson surrendered
And Johnston fell back to Nashville.
But the clouds which then thickened all around us
Served only the plainer to show
The form of that hero arising,
To deliver us all from the foe.
|: Here's to Forrest from the Brave Tennessee, :|
In our hearts he will triumph forever,
Here's to Forrest from the Brave Tennessee!

2. At Shiloh he charged a division,
And covered our army's retreat,
At Murfreesboro won his promotion,
When Crittenden admitted his defeat.
Next Streight went careering before him,
Expecting our rear to assail,
But Forrest, with his fair maiden pilot
Soon landed the robber in jail!

3. Chickamauga, Chattanooga, Okolona,
Memphis and Tishamingo Creek
Union City, Fort Pillow, and Paducah,
All the deeds of our hero bespeak.
Now, Athens, Sulphur Springs, and Pulaski,
Have aroused old Sherman from his lair,
For the boldest of Yankee commanders
Will tremble with Forrest in his rear!

4. Next Johnsonville attracted his attention,
Where Sherman had collected his stores,
And the gunboats' once terrible dimension
Floated grandly and proudly at its doors
But Forrest's Artillery Battallion
Morton, Rice, and Walton, and Croft
Set fire to Sherman's gunboats and transports,
Nor ceased 'til they had burned them all.


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