The Gipsie's Warning

Melody -

Do not trust him gentle lady,
Tho' his voice be low and sweet,
Heed not him who kneels before you,
Gently Pleading at thy feet.
Now thy life is in its morning,
Cloud not this thy happy lot,
|: Listen to the gipsie's warning,
Gentle Lady trust him not. :|

2. Do not turn so coldly from me,
I would only guard thy youth
From his stern and withering power,
I would only tell thee true,
I would shield thee from all danger,
Save thee from the tempter's snare,
|: Lady shun that dark-eyed stranger,
I have warned thee, now beware. :|

3. Lady, once there lived a maiden,
Pure and bright, and like thee, fair,
But he wooed, and wooed, and won her,
Filled her gentle heart with care;
Then he heeded not her weeping,
Nor cared he, her life to save,
|: Soon she perished, now she's sleeping
In the cold and silent grave. :|

4. Keep thy gold, I do not wish it!
Lady, I have prayed for this,
For the hour when I might foil him,
Rob him of expected bliss;
Gentle lady, do not wonder,
At my words so cold and wild,
|: Lady, in that green grave, yonder
Lies the gipsie's only child. :|


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