Give Us A Flag

Melody - "Hoist Up The Flag"


Oh, Fremont he told them when the war it first begun,
How to save the Union and the way it should be done.
But Kentucky swore so hard and Old Abe he had his fears,
Till ev'ry hope was lost but the colored volunteers.
Oh, give us a flag, all free without a slave;
We'll fight to defend it as our fathers did so brave;
The gallant Comp'ny "A", will make the rebels dance,
And we'll stand by the Union if we only have a chance.

2. McClellan went to Richmond with two hundred thousand brave;
He said, "Keep back the niggers" and the Union he would save;
Little Mac he had his way, still the Union is in tears,
Now they call for the help of the colored volunteers.

3. Old Jeff says he'll hang us if we dare to meet him armed,
A very big thing , but we are not at all alarmed;
For he first has got to catch us before the way is clear,
And that is "what's the matter" with the colored volunteer.

4. So rally, boys, rally, let us never mind the past;
We had a hard road to travel, but our day is coming fast;
For God is for the right, and we have no need to fear,
The Union must be saved by the colored volunteer.

5. Then here is to the Fifty-fourth, which has been nobly tried,
They were willing, they were ready, with their bayonets by their side,
Colonel Shaw led them on and he had no cause to fear,
About the courage of the colored volunteer.