Da Vis!

Melody -

Quien Sabe?, 1862

Give us one chance, t'is all we ask,
Be retribution then our task;
We've suffered much and waited long,
Too weak t'oppose the mighty throng
Which rushed, at the despot's mandate forth,
From every thieves' den in the North.

2. Give half a chance, t'is all we crave,
Though fettered, we have some still brave.
Who're waiting, armed with steady heart,
Ready, at the signal, up to start,
To drive the vile invader forth!
Or else to perish by the North.

3. By Davis' blood, Howard's fame,
By Elzey's valor, Hick's shame,
Assistance swift from you we claim,
We claim it in our Old Lines name,
Who homes and all have laid aside,
To help the South what'er betide.

4. "Sons of the Palmetto," we call upon you,
We call upon Georgia, the gallant and true,
Virginia, our mother, we call upon thee,
And the lone star of Texas, and brave Tennessee,
State of the Pelican, State of the Pine,
Quickly to rescue your proud hosts combine!

5. Mississippi, Arkansas, we know will be true,
And brave Alabama, we county upon you,
Then there's Florida too, ever ready at need,
Must ne'er leave the field until Maryland's freed,
We've panted long, tho' hoping still,
We lack the power, not the will.

6. Kentucky, Missouri we'd call for your aid
But you both were like Maryland basely betrayed;
We're ready and willing to battle for right,
To conquer or die in the South's holy fight,
Then give but a chance, t'is all we ask,
Let retribution be our task!

From Civil War Song Sheets, Series 2, Volume 1.

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