Rights of Woman

Melody - "God Save the King", attributed to Henry Carey, 1740


God save each Female's right,
Show to her ravish'd sight
Woman is free;
Let Freedom's voice prevail,
And draw aside the vail,
Supreme Effulgence hail,
Sweet Liberty.

2. Man boasts the noble cause,
Nor yields supine to laws
Tyrants ordain;
Let woman have a share,
Nor yield to slavish fear,
Her equal rights declare,
And well maintain.

3. Come forth with sense array'd,
Nor ever be dismay'd
To meet the foe,--
Who with assuming hands
Inflict the iron Bands,
To obey his rash commands,
And vainly bow.

4. O Let the sacred fire
Of Freedom's voice inspire
A Female too;--
Man makes the cause his own,
And Fame his acts renown,--
Woman thy fears disown,
Assert thy due.

5. Think of the cruel chain,
Endure no more the pain
Of slavery;--
Why should a tyrant bind
A cultivated mind
By Reason well refin'd
Ordained Free.

6. Why should a Woman lie
In base obscurity,
Her talents hid,
Has providence assign'd
Her soul to be confin'd;
Is not her gentle mind
By virtue led?

7. Let snarling cynics frown,
Their maxims I disown,
Their ways detest;--
By man, your tyrant lord,
Females no more be aw'd.
Let Freedom's sacred word,
Inspire your breast.

8. Woman aloud rejoice,
Exalt thy feeble voice
In chearful strain;
See Wolstonecraft, a friend,
Your injur'd rights defend,
Wisdom her steps attend,
The cause maintain.

This song shows the cause of Women's equality is much older than historians would have you believe.

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