Chief Justice Taney

Melody - "The Days of Absence"


Hail! thou noble hearted lawyer,
Advocate of human rights,
Foe to scoundrels--friend to justice,
Brightest of Blackstonian lights.

2. Though thy word is now kept under,
By a base and crafty crew,
Theres an eye on heaven who seeth,
All the wrongs and ills they do.

3. Habeus Corpus acts suspended,
What an insult to the free,
Base injustice to the people,
Men of every clime agree.

4. Be yet patient brave old lawyer,
You have done a noble part,
And the prayers of injured freemen,
Goes to heaven from every heart.

5. That God's blessing may come on you,
Is the wish of all the brave,
And when earthly toils are over,
You will fill an honoured grave.

6. Oh you tribe of feathered peacocks,
Bright without and foul within,
Habeus Corpus law despisers,
Bold as brass, but weak as tin,

7. Think you that your cash will save you,
Butterflies of half an hour,
The sword of Justice now hangs o'er you,
Scamper! e'er you feel its power.

From Civil War Song Sheets, Series 2, Volume 1.

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