Battle of Winchester

Melody - "California Brothers", arr. by A. Anderson, 1863

Captain Edson Gerry, Company I, 12th Penna. Vol. Cavalry, 1863

Hark! the muffled drums are rolling,
Sounding forth the funeral knell,
Of our heroes who have fallen,
In the cause they loved so well.
Yonder see our Flag is waving,
Mildly bidding them good bye;
Angles hovering, round them flitting,
Upward with their spirits fly.

2. Gallant heroes now lie sleeping,
Undisturbed by cannon's roar;
Comrades all around stand weeping,
Heroes! you we'll see no more.
All the land seems clad in mourning,
Drooping willows weep around;
Solemn dirge--the bands performing,
On this sacred hallowed ground.

3. Happy spirits now are winging,
High above the clouds they soar;
Ever gazing, downward looking,
On this cruel civil war.
Far above the din of battle,
Carbines, swords, no more shall wield;
hey have fought their last hard battle,
On Winchester's bloody field.

4. Gloomy thoughts are ever rising;
While we think on those we love;
Oh, the pangs--the sting most rending,
Many years cannot remove.
But a clearer, brighter morrow
Shall unfold a heavenly joy;
Chase away the gloom of sorrow,
Turn our mourning into joy.

In memory of our comrades who fell in the Battle of Winchester, June 15, 1863. From Civil War Song Sheets, Series 1, Volume 1

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