Richmond's European Vision

Melody -

no date given, 1861?

Ho! Freedom's sons! come, list the cry,
That booms across the sea;
"Alas! alas! for Liberty!
Man never can be free!"
Sadly I heard such German wail,
Moaning upon the Atlantic gale.

2. Hark! shouts of joy! monarchs rejoice!
Your tyranny shall stand!
Czar, king, O autocrat! thy voice,
One rod shall rule a land!
That Western fever now is o'er,
Nor shall invade ye, tyrants, more!

3. Columbia's wordy boast was wind,
Why fear an empty blast?
"The Independence of mankind!"
Pshaw! Freedom breathes her last;
She bids yon hemisphere adieu,
Come, let us "compromise" her, too!

4. Fix fast that crown upon our brow!
Return, sweet iron rule!
We always thought--we know it now,
This "people" is a fool!
Bring back the brazen laws of yore,
Now Draco's code of blood restore!

5. Columbia loathes her Western fudge!
Her Yankee, smooth pretence,
She buys and sells the negro drudge,
And, (versus common sense,)
Shouts all the while--"All men are free
Save those I bought!"--Hail Liberty!

6. Such Liberty we gladly greet,
For this out-serfs our mode;
These "glorious," "noble" "platforms" meet
The maddest despot's code!
Lo! freemen beat us in the trade
In men, by God for monarchs made!

7. O might we now, like Freedom's sons,
Three millions sell and buy!
Columbia, alas! outruns
Our petty tyranny!
Reign! kings, henceforth by "Liberty,"

from American Song Sheets, Series 1, Volume 8.

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