For Dixie and Uncle Sam

Melody - Ernest R. Ball, 1916

J. Keirn Brennan, 1916

In Maryland, in Maryland,
There's a mother old and gray,
Alone she stands
And waves her hand
To her boy who is going away.
She said, I'm proud of you,
In your uniform of blue,
And the sword that you carry, too!"
I've watched it twice before,
Go bravely off to war,
For the Grey and then for the Blue!"
Your Granddad fought
In the War of Sixty One,
He wore a suit of grey.
Your Daddy, too,
In a suit of navy blue,
To Cuba sailed away.
Though the one wore grey
And the other blue,
The blood of both's in you;
So I'm giving you up to Old Glory,
And I'm mighty proud that I am!
You're all I've got,
But be Johnny on the spot,
For Dixie and Uncle Sam!
2. Tho' far away, the boy each day,
As the western sun goes down,
He mails a note
He proudly wrote,
In a tent near a far border town,
And says: Dear mother mine,
When the word goes down the line,
To get ready the foe is near!
The danger's in the air,
I reckon I'll be there,
As your words still ring in my ear:


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