Workers of the World, Unite

Melody - "Love Me and the World Is Mine"


I wander up and down the street,
Till I have blisters on my feet.
My belly's empty, I've no bed,
No place to rest my weary head.
There's millions like me wandering,
Who are deeply pondering,
Oh, what must we do to live?
Shall the workers face starvation,
Mis'ry and privation,
In a land so rich and fair?
Unite, my Fellow Men, unite!
Take back your freedom and your right
You have nothing to lose now,
Workers of the World, unite.
2. Oh! workingmen, come organize,
Oh! when, oh! when will you get wise?
Are you still going to be a fool,
And let the rich man o'er you rule?
It is time that you were waking,
See the dawn is breaking,
Come now, wake up from your dream.
All this wealth belong to toilers,
And not to the spoilers,
Wage slaves throw your chains away.
Unite, my Fellow Man, unite!
And crush the greedy tyrant's might.
The earth belongs to Labor,
Workers of the World, unite.


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