I Want to be a Soldier

Melody - "I want to be an angel"

I want to be a soldier,
And go to Dixie's Land,
A knapsack on my shoulder,
And a gun in my hand;
Then I will shoot Jeff. Davis,
And Beauregard I will hang,
And make all Rebels tremble
Throughout our glorious land.
2. When all that class of Traitors,
Floyd, Yancey, Rhett and Cobb,
These 'cursed conspirators
Shall reap their great reward,
And, without judge or jury,
We will hang them on a tree,
'Till our distracted country
Is from rebellion free.
3. Then when the war is ended,
And men lay down their swords,
When to the hearts of thousands,
Their loved ones are restored,
We'll re-construct our "Union,"
On a basis so sure and firm,
That no dastard traitors
Shall ever again overturn.

From Civil War Song Sheets, Series 1, Volume 2

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