John Jones

Melody -

The companion to "Ben Bolt"

Don't you remember lame Sally, John Jones,
Lame Sally, whose nose was so brown?
Who looked like a clam if you gave her a smile,
And went into fits at your frown?
In the old goose-pond in the orchard, John Jones,
Where the goslings are learning to swim,
Lame Sally went fishing one wet windy day,
And by mistake tumbled in.

2. Under old Sim's brush fence, John Jones,
That winds at the foot of the hill,
Together we've seen the old camel go round,
Grinding cider at Appleton's mill;--
The mill-wheel is oven-wood now, John Jones;
The rafters fell on a cow;
And the weasels and rats that crawl round as you gaze,
Are lords of the cider-mill now.

3. Do you mind the pig-pen of logs, John Jones,
Which stood on the path to the barn?
And the shirt-button trees there they grow on the boughs
Which we sowed on our jackets with yarn?
The pig-pen has gone to decay, John Jones,
The lightning the tree overcome;
And down where the onions and carrots once grew,
Grow thistles as big as your thumb.

4. There's a change in the things I love, John Jones;
They've changed from the good to the bad--
And I feel in my stomach to tell you the truth,
I'd like to go home to my dad.
Twelve months--twenty--have passed, John Jones,
Since I knocked off your nose with a rail;
And I believe, I'm your only true friend,
John Jones, of the Hurricane Gale.

5. Don't you remember the school, John Jones?
And the master who wore the old wig?
And the shady nook, by the crook of the brook,
Where we played with Aunt Catherine's pig?
Mice live in the master's wig, John Jones;
The brook with the crook is dry;
And the boys and girls that were playmates then,
Have all gone way out to Wisconsin.

From American Song Sheets, Series 1, Volume 5.

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