Saucy Kate

Melody -

Kate's a dear delicious creature,
Merry as a sunny elf,
Beautiful in form and feature
Smiling mould of beauty's self;
When she laughs, her silken tresses,
Fall upon her gentle breast;
|: And her eyes as dark as midnight,
Never seem to be at rest. :|
2. Kate's sweet but saucy creature,
With a lip of scarlet bloom,
Woodbines sipping golden sunlight,
Roses drinking rich perfume,
Voice as dainty as the whisper,
Founts give in their chrystal shrine,
|: Saucy Kate, so full of mischief,
Would that I could call the mine. :|
3. Kate's a dear and merry creature,
Sprightly as a fleet gazelle,
Fondness dwells in every dimple,
Surely love has marked her well,
Many hearts have strove to win her,
Bow'd with disappointment low,
|: Saucy Kate, I fear to say it,
Winsome--always tell's them No! :|

From American Song Sheets, Series 1, Volume 8.

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