Kitty Popcorn

or The Soldier's Pet

Melody -

Henry Clay Work

Did you ever hear the story of the loyal cat? Meyow!
Who was faithful to the flag and ever followed that? Meyow!
Oh she had a happy home beneath a southern sky,
But she packed her goods and left it when our troops came nigh,
And she fell into the column with a low, glad cry, Meyow!
Poor Kitty Pop corn! Buried in a snow drift now;
|: Never more shall ring the music of your charming song, Meyow! :|

2. Round her neck she wore a ribbon, she was black as jet, Meyow!
And at once a gallant claimed her for a soldier's pet, Meyow!
All the perils of the battle and the march she bore
Climbing on her master's shoulder when her feet were sore
Whisp'ring in his ear with wonder at the cannon's roar, Meyow!

Now the "Cruel War" is over and the troops disband, Meyow!
Kitty follows as a pilgrim to the northern land, Meyow!
Ah! but soorow overtakes her, and her master dies
While she sadly sits a-gazing in his dim blue eyes
Till by strangers rudely driven from the door she cries Meyow!

So she wanders on the prairie till she sees his form, Meyow!
Carried forth and buried rughly mid the driving storm, Meyow!
Oh! her slender frame it shivers in the northern blast
As she seeks the sandy mound on which the snow falls fast
And alone amid the darkness there she breathes her last, Meyow!

From Songs of Henry Clay Work