The Ocean Telegraph

Melody - "Yankee Doodle"

Let me relate to one and all
An incident worth knowing,
To every Yankee noble heart
This favor I'm bestowing,
The subject is the telegraph
Which lies beneath the ocean,
And when it's all completed full,
The words will be in motion.

2. Our Yankee tars with British help
Resolved to do a wonder,
To lay the cable in the first
Before it come asunder;
But how amazed the people were
When failure was the rumor,
Three times they tried, but didn't succeed,
Which set them in bad humor.

3. Determined as they both would be
To risk another effort,
They strolled upon their task then
With energy and comfort,
Thus onward went the mighty ships
With that great undertaking,
And swiftly did their course pursue
While to their homes were making.

4. We must remember what delight,
At every conversation,
That Uncle Sam did manifest
Upon that great occasion,
So every one was satisfied
SUccess did crown their laurels,
Now Uncle Sam and Johnny Bull
Won't get in any quarrels.

5. Well England and America
Did both connect each other,
And Johnny must behave himself
To Uncle Sam his brother,
For if this friendship does exist,
From now until forever
No mortal soul upon the earth
Can either of them sever.

From American Song Sheets, Series 1, Volume 7.

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