The Flag of the Republic

Melody - "I'm Afloat", Eugene Johnston

Long wave our proud Stars and Stripes of liberty
O'er this mighty republic, the land of the free;
The nation sacred that Washington blest,
The asylum and home for all the distressed;
Where the foreigners's free from oppressions cham,
True as the sea bird that flies o'er the main,
Where wealth has no power, honor no throne,
Columbia! liberty claims thee its own.

2. Columbia! though treason now reigns in thy land,
Thou shalt escape unscared from the dastard band;
Of traitors, who've trampled thy flag in the dust,
For triumphant shall be the cause of the just!
And thy good ship of state shall sail again free
The terror of despots, the mistress of the sea,
And thy banner of Stars once more proudly flow,
From the pine tree coast, to the broad Mexico.

From Civil War Song Sheets, Series 1, Volume 1