Louisiana. A Patrotic Ode

Melody -

Louisiana! dear Pelican mother arise,
Seize the lightnings that 'lumine the vault of the skies,
Grasp the weapons of war, for thy valor is known,
And the tyrant shall tremble on Washington's throne.

2. Go forth like a flame, in the forest afar,
Sound the trump of thy triumph from liberty's car,
Rend the chains of oppression--be monarchy hurled,
And thy glory shall gladden the gloom of the world.

3. Th' avalanche of the Alps shall not strike more alarms
To dread monarchy's monsters, than Southrons arms;
An eruption of Ætna less dread shall impart,
Than Louisiana's valor, best vein of her heart.

4. How long shall the sceptre of white negroes wave
O'er the wish of the South, and the blades of the brave,
How long shall old Lincoln and Seward unite,
To extinguish the lamp of thy liberty's light?

5. Louisiana! arise, in the strength of thy might,
Go forth in thy pride to the field of the fight;
Let the wrath of thy wrongs nerve the arm of the brave,
And the march of the Northmen shall be to the grave.

From Civil War Song Sheets, Series 2, Volume 1.