The Call!

Melody -

by B. A., 1862

Maryland! Maryland!
Stainless in story,
True in heart--true in hand,
Cling to thy glory!
Land of the Virgin name,
Land of untarnished fame,
Oh be thou still the same.
Brave now as ever!
2. Baltimore! Baltimore!
City of beauty,
Daring as heretofore
Spring to thy duty!
Spurn the invader forth,
Tell the usurping North,
That when two hearts are wroth,
Union must sever!
3. Old Time! Old Time!
Dauntless and bold,
Form 'round Freedom's shrine,
Firm as of old!
Stern and steady stand,
Freedom's sword in willing hand,
Back drive the invading band,
Northward forever!

from Civil War Song Sheets, Series 2, Volume 1.

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