Masonic Song

Melody - "God Save the King"

By sacred influence hurl’d,
From chaos rose the world,
Great will of Jove.
Grand architect supreme,
Fountains of wisdom stream,
Receive our humble theme,
Duty and love.
2. ‘Tis by the will of heaven
Kings to command are given,
George we proclaim.
Chant in full song his praise,
May such deeds crown his days,
As will through ages raise,
A deathless name.
3. Jehovah we implore
Peace to his realms restore,
Grant that his reign
Tyranny may destroy,
While we with rapture cry,
The King shall then enjoy
His own again.

A performance of this song in New York City was reported in "Gaine’s Mercury," July 2, 1781.

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