Who Will Care for Micky Now?

Melody - Charles C. Sawyer

Eugene T. Johnston

Arrah! Molly darlin', I am drafted
Sure I must for a soger go.
An' lave you all alone behind me
For to fight the Rebel foe.
But be the powers, me pluck is failin'
Big drops of sweat rowl down me brow;
Och, millia murther! I am drafted
Who will care for Micky now?
Soon 'gainst Rebels I'll be marching
With the swate upon me brow;
Och, blood an' nons, i'm kilt entirely
Who will care for Micky now?
2. Arrah! Who will comfort me in sorrow
Wid a drop of gin or beer?
Wash me dirty shirts an' stockin's
Faith, there is no one I fear.
Me feet are blisteredwid the marchin'
Me knapsack makes me shoulders bow,
Pork an' crackers are me rations
Who will care for Micky now?

3. Indade, I miss me feather pillow
An' bed, on which I used to lie;
The pine planks make me feel uneasy
If I had wings, och! Wudn't I fly?
But one of me legs is stiff, dear
Since I was kicked by Murphy's cow,
I'm afeared I niver can skedaddle
Who will care for Micky now?


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