Do They Miss Me in the Trenches?

Melody -


Do they miss me in the trench, do they miss me?
When the shells fly so thickly around?
Do they know that I've run down the hillside
To look for my hole in the ground?
But the shells exploded so near me,
It seemed best for me to run;
And though some laughed as I crawfished,
|: I could not discover the fun. :|
2. I often get up in the trenches,
When some Yankee is near out of sight,
And fire a round or two at him,
To make the boys think that I'll fight.
But when the Yanks commence shelling,
I run to my home down the hill;
I swear my legs never will stay there,
|: Though all may stay there who will. :|
3. I'll save myself through the dread struggle
And when the great battle is o'er,
I'll claim my full rations of laurels,
As always I've done heretofore.
I'll say that I've fought them as bravely
As the best of my comrades who fell,
And swear most roundly to all others
|: That I never had fears of a shell. :|


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