Molly! Do You Love Me?

Melody - Stephen Foster, 1850

Stephen Foster, 1850

Molly do you love me?
Can the morning beam
Love a lowly flowret
Living in its gleam?
Let one gentle whisper
All my doubts destroy
Let my dreamy rapture
Turn to waking joy.
Molly do you love me?
Tell me, tell me true!
Molly do you love me,
Love as I love you?
2. Tell me, by those ringlets,
By those eyes of blue,
Molly! do you love me,
Love as I love you?
Can that voice's music
Flow from heartless glee?
Must I read no feeling
In that melody?

3. Ah! my heart has yielded
To those smiles that play
With the merry dimples
All the live-long day.
Though the tender blossoms
Need the summer light,
Let our hearts, united,
Brave affliction's blight.


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