Mr. Block

Melody - "It Looks To Me Like a Big Time Tonight"

Joe Hill

Please give me your attention,
I'll introduce to you
A man that is a credit to
"Our Red, White and Blue";
His head is made of lumber,
And solid as a rock;
He is a common worker
And his name is Mr. Block.
And Block he thinks he may
Be President some day.
Oh, Mr. Block, you were born by mistake,
You take the cake,
You make me ache.
Tie on a rock to your block
And then jump in the lake,
Kindly do that for Liberty's sake.

2. Yes, Mr. Block is lucky;
He found a job, by gee!
The sharks got seven dollars,
For job and fare and fee.
They shipped him to a desert
And dumped him with his truck,
But when he tried to find his job,
He sure was out of luck.
He shouted, "That's too raw,
I'll fix them with the law."

3. Block hiked back to the city,
But wasn't doing well.
He said, "I'll join the union
Te great A.F. of L."
He got a job next morning,
Got fired in the night,
He said, "I'll see Sam Gompers
And he'll fix that foreman right."
Sam Gompers said, "You see,
You've got our sympathy."

4. Election day he shouted,
"A Socialist for Mayor!"
The "comrade" got elected,
He happy was for fair,
But after the election
He got an awful shock,
A great big socialistic Bull
Did rap him on the block.
And Comrade Block did sob,
"I helped him to his job."

5. The money kings in Cuba
Blew up the gunboat Maine,
But Block got awful angry
And blamed it all on Spain.
He went right in the battle
And there he lost his leg,
And now he's peddling shoestrings
And is walking on a peg.
He shouts, "Remember Maine,
Hurrah! To hell with Spain!"

6. Poor Block he died one evening,
I'm very glad to state,
He climbed the golden ladder
Up to the pearly gate.
He said, "Oh, Mr. Peter,
One word I'd like to tell,
I'd like to meet the Astorbilts
And John D. Rockefell."
Old Pete said, "Is that so?
You'll meet them down below."


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