The Bonehead Working Man

Melody -

Mr. Slave, Mr. Slave, listen to the call,
Of the brave to the brave; take the world for all.
Now you need the light and might
To free all homeless working men,
Look around, all around and see,
Hear the pound, hear the sound of machinery.
How the owners fool you, how they rule you.
Just hear the bosses blow.
Hurry up! Hurry up! on my new machine.
Man, you're slow, boss is losing money.
It displaces seventy men.
If you cannot speed up you're fired then.
Go and look, go and look for another master.
Good or bad, you sure will make him wealthy.
It's God darned hard to wake you up.
You're a Bonehead Working Man.
2. Mr. Slave, Mr. Slave, hear the union grand.
It's a wave, it's a wave rolling through the land.
This the masters fear we are here
To free our class from slavery.
Get a book, get a book, read the word of light,
Take a look, take a look, join the band of might.
Come and be a wobbly, then you'll probably
Not let the bosses cry:


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