November Nineteenth

Melody - "The Red Flag"

John E. Nordquist

They've shot Joe Hill, his life has fled,
They've filled his manly heart with lead;
But his brave spirit hovers near
And bids each fellow worker cheer.
On high the blood red banners wavy!
The flag for which his life he gave;
The master class shall rue the day
They took Joe Hillstrom's life away.

2. Now, fellow workers, shed no tear,
For brave Joe Hill died without fear;
He told the bosses' gunmen, low:
"I'm ready; fire! Let her go!"

3. No more Joe Hill shall pen the songs
That pictured all the workers' wrongs;
His mighty pen shall rust away,
But all his songs are here to stay.

4. Now Salt Lake City's Mormon throngs
Must list to Joe Hill's rebel songs;
While angry sabs shall prowl the night
To show the One Big Union's might.

5. March on, march on, you mighty host,
And organize from coast to coast;
And Joe Hill's spirit soon shall see
Triumphant Labor's victory.


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